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Uinvest Landflipping Program is a product of Housetag Homes that allows it’s subscribers to invest in real estate on a short term basis.

Uinvest is a product of Housetag Homes Managers Limited

Land flipping is the process of buying land at a reasonably cheap price, developing it and selling at a higher price to make profit

5 Reasons why people choose Uinvest Land flipping;

1. Uinvest allows subscribers quick turnaround on your real estate investments without the hassle of finding a buyer,  developing costs and land security costs.  
2. Owning real estate on short term means your money is protected from inflation.
3. Saves your money from impulse spending. Like they say money has wings if you keep it idle, it will fly away.
4. High Return on investment. Up to 30% – 60% return in 12 – 18 months. Do the maths, It’s simply Fantastic!
5. Hassle free process. Your are not involved in the land purchase process, the development process, the reselling process but you are sure involved in the profit process. You just invest, sip your coffee while you wait.

18 months Period : 30% – 60%.

12 months Period : 30% – 40%

6 months Period : Not currently available

Minimum Duration for Uinvest is 12 months. Other durations available are 18 months, 24 months and up to 5 years. 

These are some of the ways you know this platform is for you. If
^ You have money just sitting in the bank giving you no interest
^ You work and make an income and need your savings to get you more income (Profit)
^ You like to invest in real estate but prefer short term; buy, sell and make profit within a few months. With Uinvest you don’t need to stress on the process, you just wait for your profit.
^  You want to invest in real estate but do not have enough funds so rather than hope to get enough to buy a property you invest in short term real estate and earn high ROI. At maturity, you can now use your capital and profit to get your desired property.

^ And a lot more ways not mentioned here yet

You are allowed to invest as much as you want to. This wil be determined by how much money you have and how much profit you are willing to make.

A. Bronze    : N100,000          –  N499,000 
B. Silver      :  N500,000          –  N999,000
C. Gold        : N1,000,000        –  N9,999,000
D. Diamond : N10,000,000     –  N49,999,000
E. Platinum : N50,000,000     –  N500,000,000

Depending on your preferred Uinvest Option, you get 30% – 60% ROI for 18 months and 15% – 30% for 12 months.
You will be given;
a. Receipt of Payment
b. Post dated cheque of the maturity value
c. Contract of Sale
d. Certificate of Participation

Yes, Contact the office or any of our Sales Consultants for more info on referral bonus and discounts. Terms and Conditions apply.

i. Completed Registration Form
ii. Evidence of Payment
iii. Valid ID card

a. By Bank Transfer 
b. By Cheque Payment. ( NB: Payment is incomplete until cheque has been duly cleared by our bank)

One month to your investment maturity date, your assigned Relationship Manager will contact you both to remind you of your maturity date and confirm your most convenient option to get paid. Payment is made either via Bank Transfer or cashing the post dated cheque earlier given to you. 


Yes. Your investment can roll over into a longer period. You are required to send us an email requesting an extension of your investment period no lesser than 45 days to the maturity of your current investment.


Yes you are.


You can access up to 50% of your invested amount as long as the reminder is no less than N100,000. Request for an upfront payment of your capital is only made via email and an approval response will be sent to you.


You can choose to terminate your investment before the maturity date given a minimum of a 3 months notice. This will give you access to 100% of your capital, however you will lose 100% of your ROI.

All invested funds are used to acquire real estate, develop real estate and building houses for the purpose of making profit


       Your investment is safe with us. Housetag Homes managers Limited is a duly registered company under the Federal Corporate Affairs Commission and has been in the real estate business for over 5 years with estates spanning over to 100 acres of land 


No. Your capital, Profit and Maturity dates are fixed composites of Uinvest. It is not affected by the progress of our projects

Housetag Homes is located at Plot 11a Road 2 Ikota Villa Estate before VGC Lekki

       No, you can not. The Land in Uinvest is designed to be owned for only the stipulated period of time. However your invested amount can be used to purchase property from any of our existing estates .



 Yes you can purchase property from any of our existing estates

       Fidelity Bank Plc
Housetag Homes Managers Limited


Diamond Bank Plc






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