Our Partners are highly esteemed members that represent Home4All by not only building their Home4All business but they are also dedicated to helping others get more out of living. As a Partner you gain access to a World of Incentives and Bonuses.

We have two categories of Partners;
Partner: Member who has paid the Partner Registration fee.
Active Partner: Is a Member who has paid the Partner Registration fee and has made a minimum of one (1) sale.

Partners’ World of Incentives

Monthly dividends

With our monthly dividends partners enjoy stable income monthly. We are ready to support you even when you haven’t made sales in a few months. That’s because we recognize your efforts.  (These are for sales Active partners only)

Personal Sales

Yes, you also earn a commission on all your personal sales;

  • 10% on land sales
  • 4% on House sales

Indirect Sales

This sounds crazy, but whenever your direct referrals make a sale we reward you also. And that’s because you are part of their success story. Stay Active and earn passive income while you relax and chill at home because your team is working.

  • 3% on Land sale
  • 1% on House Sale

Annual Team Sales Bonus – Every year partners are recognized for the efforts of their entire team to their 2nd generation. With Recognition Award and rewards of up to N21m in value. This is what we like to call the higher level rewards.

Travel Incentives

Qualify for our All- expense paid trip. After all you deserve it. With so many destinations to visit; from the beautiful city of Dubai to the buzzing and cool city of London, we will take you there.

Car Bonus

A business owner needs a good car, whether it’s for giving the right perception or ensuring your family travels in comfort, It’s all up to you. Earn Car bonus incentives that enable you purchase that car or even get a Brand new car delivered to you.

Property Bonus

Owning a piece of land or a house is a true interpretation of wealth and about the best thing you can gift anyone. That’s what makes Home4All a unique business platform among every other business you may have encountered. It is our goal to see that all our members become property owners.

Its important to stay active as a partner to continue to enjoy all your incentives . Stay Active by making monthly sales or monthly referrals.

Partner Registration Fee: N30,000

This is an annual fee. You enjoy a waiver when you stay active.