Our Estates locations have been clearfully selected to ensure investors get the optimum benefit from their investment. Poised to create a neighborhood of highly customized and affordable homes enveloped in parks and green space,all our estates have been designed to ensure residence love where they live and live where they love.   Investing in landed properties in Ibeju-Lekki is like owning properties in Dubai. The prestigious Ibeju-Lekki area of Lagos State, now also called the “New Lagos”, has been forecasted to have one of the highest yielding real estate locations when it comes to returns in the whole of west Africa. The land value is estimated to rise to over 300% by 2023. 

Our estates are seated right in the heart in the future investment hub of Nigeria and Africa. 

Our array of Estates has been designed to accommodate both privately built houses and prototype houses constructed by Housetag Homes. They consists of the Residential Area and the Commercial Area which covers only about a quarter of the estate’s land size. Privately built houses have to comply with the building requirements of each Estates. 

The Commercial Area is designed to accommodate: A Shopping Mall, An Estate Nursery, Primary and Secondary schools, A Hospital, Places of Worship, Recreation Center and Office complex.


The development fee paid by investors will be used to construct roads, street lights, drainage system and water systems..

About 7% of the estate land size is allocated to green areas. It’s been designed to be ecosystem compliant with tall trees and low fences, with houses spaced apart with about 6m. Other allocations include children playgrounds, cycling lanes and walk ways.

Perazim Estates, the neighborhood of happy people


  • Residential Estates

  • New Lekki International Airport

  • Lekki International Seaport

  • Dangote Refinery

  • La Campagne Tropicana Resort

  • New Pan African University

  • Beautiful Exotic Beaches

  • Free Trade Zones

  • Eleko Golf Course

  • Planned 8-lane coastal expressway to Cross River