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Our Estates include

Perazim Beach Akodo.
Perazim Part Estate Imedu Ibeju Lekki
Berachah Lagoonview Estate Ilado
Lakeview Residences Akodo.
All located in the in the new district of Lagos called the New Lagos. Each Estate has been planned and designed to be Site and Service, providing all the amenities to ensure residents are safe, comfortable and happy.
Located only a few mins from the buzzling Ajah vicinity, surrounded by exotic beaches, alluring lagoon, layreed with palm trees and neighboring estates and landmarks like the lekki free trade zone, lekki Golf Course, Lekki Seaport and Lekki International Airport, you can easily tell what the region promises to deliver to investors in the future. All our estates are lined with lush tropical gardens and green parks to ensure you and your loved one can relax and refresh in a world of dreams.

Housetag Homes Managers Limited

Currently, all our estates are located in various regions of Ibeju Lekki L.G.A of Lagos state

The varying estate options we have given you also gives you varying title option and investment committments allowing you a basket of choices based on your budget. All our Properties are free from Omo-Onile rivalry and Govt Committed purpose

Perazim Beach – Government Excision, Registered Survey, Deed of Assignment. Starting Price : N5.5M
Perazim Park – Registered Survey, Deed of Assignment, Govt Excision in view. Starting Price: N1,000,000
Berachah Lagoonview- Registered Survey, Deed of Assignment. Starting Price: N1.8M

The varying estate options gives you varying price options, allowing us meet your budget. Also with our extensive payment plans, investors can key in even with a not too robust savings. Whatever works for you, we have you covered.

Perazim Beach – Starting Price : N5.5M for 300sqm.
N7.5M for 450sqm and N10M for 600sqm

Perazim Park –  Starting Price: N1.1M
N1.7M for 450sqm and N2.2M for 600sqm

Berachah Lagoonview-  Starting Price: N1.8M for 300sqm.
N2.8M for 450sqm and N3.2M for 600sqm

Simcha City [COMING SOON] 

Our Estates have been beautifully crafted to create a ambiance that speaks safety, family friendliness and tranquilty. Every estate location is designed with lush tropical green parks and creative spaces. Other facilities include

Roads and Drainage
Street Lights
Green Parks
Kids Play ground
Recreation Centre
Shopping Mall
Farmers Market 
Community School
Community Library and
Place of Worship

Beautiful Beaches cascades the region around our lovely estates. Other sights include Lagoonview, LFTZ golf course, La Campagne Tropicana Resort, Heritage Sites, Fishing Tours and more. What better place would you rather be?

Construction works has commenced at Perazim Beach Estate Akodo.

A. Outright Payment which gives you access to 5% Discount.
B. Flexible Payment of 12 – 36 months relative to the estate. Initial Payment must be made and monthly payment spread up to 36 months. Call for Payment Breakdown.

Yes, Contact the office or any of our Sales Consultants for more info on referral bonus and discounts. Terms and Conditions apply.

Legal and Agency Fees – 5% Agency and 5% Legal of land value (Upfront Payment upon land purchase)
Survey plan – N350,000 (Later date after purchase, subsequent to land purchase completion )
Documentation fee – to be determined
Developmental and infrastructural fee (DIF) – to be determined 


For construction of road networks, drainages, estate fence, electrification, street lights, landscaping and recreational areas within the estate. The documentation fee would be used for the perfection/ regularization of title of the estate land.


Receipt of payment and contract of sales agreement. Other documents include letter of allocation, survey plan, deed of assignment and restrictive Estate covenant at specified timings.


Receipt of payment and contract of sales agreement. Other documents include letter of allocation, survey plan, deed of assignment and restrictive Estate covenant at specified timings.


Completion of Payments. Allocation dates notification will be sent to all Investors.


You can transfer your property to an interested subscriber at the initial rate with the consent of the Estate Management. Fees may apply


       If Refund is Approved, a refund of less 30% of payment received will be released where agency and management fees are applied. Terms and Conditions Apply. Valid for sales within 3 months of Purchase. 


       The estates have some or all of these – Land Purchase Agreement, Registered Survey layout, and Government Excision.



       You could build to your desired design on 2 floors, however all building plans must be certified by the Housetag Homes Managers’ construction unit. All allocated plots are expected to be maintained cleared at all times prior to building on it. 




       All payments are expected to be made on monthly basis even after the initial deposit in accordance with the Registered Payplan and/or sale of contract agreement.





       All customers are expected to go through the FAQ before making a purchase.





       It’s simple, fill our client Registration form with a
copy of your passport picture taken on white background. Send form back to us
and make payment of your deposit to one of our bank accounts below (Number 23).
Ensure you are clear with which estate you are buying from and the required
payments. For further enquires contact our office or any sales representative





       Fidelity Bank Plc
Housetag Homes Managers Limited


Diamond Bank Plc






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